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Ideal for all hair types
Highly flexible for easy removal
Keep away from children
Test the temperature before using
No strips required

Our Customers Say

“I loved it I’ve waxed before but it’s not something super complicated for a newbie plus the price is great!. Waxing underarms at temperature directed is fine but when I was waxing my eyebrows It seemed like it didnt take anything off that’s when I decided to turn up the temperature and try again on my eyebrows and it worked!!! So I’m satisfied with this product! Definitely recommend. Btw do in sections! Dont do the whole area at once even if it’s the brows. “


“This kit includes everything you need for DIY waxing. The warmer heats up quickly and the temperature can be controlled easily. The wax has a nice rose scent and was not irritating to my skin at all. I used the wax on myself and my boyfriend. It worked better on his thicker hair compared to my thin hair, but it still worked very well, only a couple of hairs I had to pluck. Overall the price, quality, and convenience of this kit is fantastic. Highly recommended!”

Lusis M.

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