Regalico Brazilian Wax Beans for Face, Eyebrow, Back, Chest, Bikini Areas, Legs

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Esthetician Approved Best Bikini/Brazilian Wax Ever!

Aloha Summer! REGALICO’s iconic bikini wax just binds perfectly to the protein in hair, allowing you to get rid of any coarse, stubborn hair with ONE single application.

Ingredients – Rosin, Hypoallergenic Hard Wax, Rose Essence & Coconut Oil

  • Does Its Work: Through constant experiments and innovations we’ve found the appropriate elasticity which allows the wax to be soft and flexible enough for adhering only to your hair but not the skin, and ensures a single piece user-friendly experience without getting brittle and then snapping!
  • Skin-Friendly: For people who are easily affected by trauma, allergy, or infection, the wax may wow you with its anti-inflammatory property. The coconut oil from the wax itself can effectively reduce the redness of irritated skin while the tea tree oil-based pre/after-wax treatment spray will gently calm your skin.
  • Up to 6 Weeks Smoothness: Unlike shaving and chemical dissolving, waxing ensures a much longer result for it removes hairs from the root all at once. Meanwhile hair re-growth can be minimized, which means making your hairs grow back finer and thinner overtime.
  • No More Razor Burns: Made with natural essentials from Coconut Oil, Rose Oil and premium Rosin, these beads would help hydrate and nourish your skin. Time to say goodbye to razor-burn and pamper yourself with this moisturizing waxing kit.



✔ Natural formula Wax Beans
✔ Excellent grip on strong & stubborn hairs, ideal for full body use.
✔ No strips or pre-wax oil required.
✔ Provides a convenient, economic and hygienic application.
✔ Developed for all types of skin: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for small area hair removal.
✔ Natural Wax Ingredients.
✔ 100% natural, chemical and toxic free, and best of all safe for all types of skin.

Waxing Tips & After Care:

✔ Peel off in one quick motion to lessen the pain and cut long hairs shorter before waxing to enhance the effect.
✔ After waxing off unwanted hair, remove some leftover wax with water. Use a lotion or essential oil to moisture your skin and give your skin a comfortable massage.

5 reviews for Regalico Brazilian Wax Beans for Face, Eyebrow, Back, Chest, Bikini Areas, Legs

  1. Kathy Garner

    Takes a little bit longer to melt than what package says. It takes awhile for the wax to harden when its on you. But once this stuff is set up… woooo wee it can pull the hair off the devils butt.

    If you’re looking for a wax this one is it.

  2. RichardMus

    I am 35, white, and have sensitive normal to dry skin. Unsure how it would affect others, but this one so far, no irritation.

  3. Arletta Vasko

    Not completely painless but not really ?? It was complete hair removal with 1 application, and no irritation, (used witch hazel after )
    I will now stock up on it seriously, The bag is huge too which is a plus!

  4. Mimi Hahs

    I had to rely on tweezing but I still never got a soft finish with tweezing because my hairs would break off at the surface. This wax is amazing. Less painful than soft wax and even tweezing. Redness is not an issue at all just as soon as you pull the wax off but it goes away fast. It can be messy but when it hardens it comes off easily.

  5. Kamalpreet kaur

    Very easy to use , makes skin smooth and. Removes black dead skin . I love it

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