Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks


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  • PROFESSIONAL DIY WAXING KIT—-Regalico offers everything you need to start your first at-home waxing journey, which includes Pre & After Wax Spray, 14oz wax beans, 30 wax sticks for different body area, 2 pair of gloves.
  • MONEY-SAVING—-No More Salon Visits! Embarrassing or feel costly of doing waxing each time from a salon? With this waxing kit, enable you to get the same result as a salon at the comfort of your home for a few months, which protects your privacy in front of a stranger.
  • ROSE WAX BEANS—-4 bags of hard wax beans (14oz) special designed for the fine hair, the wax firmly gripping each strand, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects.
  • NO IRRITATION—-With guaranteed wax beans and pre & after spray, this waxing kit minimizes discomfort and protect you away from subsequent irritation, just use confidently on your upper lip, chin and cheeks!
  • PRICE PROTECTION—-While Amazon does not advertise a price protection policy, Regalico has it on good authority that you can successfully request the price difference within 90 days of your purchase if the price is dropped. No worry about purchasing too early to miss the discount and deal, just buy in confidence.


Regalico Eyebrow Professional Waxing Kit


The Brow Shape

The Face Shape



How to use Regalico waxing kit

  • 1. Apply the pre-wax spray to soothe your skin.
  • 2. Clean with the wipes to remove the excess.
  • 3. Use an eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrow shape you want.


  • 4. Melt the wax beans and let it cool until the consistency of honey.
  • 5. Test the wax on your wrist before waxing to avoid burning yourself.
  • 6. Apply the wax in the same direction of eyebrow hair grows with eyebrow sticks


  • 7. Peel off the wax against the direction of the hair with lightning speed.
  • 8. Tweeze to remove the remaining little hair to make sure nice and clean
  • 9. Use the post wax spray to reduce the chance of inflammation



485 reviews for Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks

  1. Victoria Lo

    I received two bottles of pre-wax treatment spray and none of the after-wax spray. Love how it comes with four bags of waxing beads, gloves, and popsicle sticks. This is a really good starter kit for an amateur waxer!

  2. Carina Iwane

    I’ve only ever waxed my eyebrows, but my boyfriend has a full tattoo on his leg & it always looks best without hair & he normally goes to salons to wax. It gets expensive, so I bought this kit after seeing reviews & we like it!

  3. Valerye Corrales

    I love this product easy to use for beginners very practical and easy removal I would definitely recommend this product.

  4. Erin Tatar

    Seems good but I haven’t tried it yet

  5. Frances Spivey

    I have had great results and really enjoyed this product. Thank you!!!

  6. Krystal mullett

    Fast delivery! Fucking took all the hair right off and smooth as a babbys buttocks

  7. Shashanna Bernard

    It met my expectations! It took a little time to warm up but in the end it was totally worth it

  8. Kelly Camat

    More likely to order again

    10- great product!!!!

  9. Jennifer galvan

    Amazing for the price loved it!

  10. Chauntelle Williams

    The package is cute it comes with all the tools to get started

  11. Jacqueline Bello

    It’s very simple to use! It comes with everything needed for a good wax.


    Great product! works on thicker hair as well.

  13. Savannah

    I like this product compared to others I have tried

  14. Guido José Delgado Lozano/PGT 8545-5131CP

    I bought this product for my wife since she is always waxing with other not very good items so I decided to give it a gift and we were very surprised by this wax-based hair removal kit because it leaves her skin soft and without any hair, So far he is very happy with his waxing kit. it is a good product at a very good favorable price


    Love it, extremely easy to use, wish the inner bowl didn’t move as much. but overall, great beginner product

  16. Alina

    I still haven’t got a chance to use it yet. Will be soon then will go back and review it on Amazon! So far packaging and presentation is good

  17. Elaine Brackin

    The product is small and looks tidy in the bathroom. The wax beads are great for hair removal.

  18. Stephanie Wong

    This was my first time ever using hard wax (i have used wax with strips before). This kit came with everything I needed!! My only confusion came with the wax heater dial. It seemed like you couldn’t really control the temp (just on and off) despite what the markings were on the machine. The wax did get a little hot and i tried to turn down the temp but it didnt seem to do much. But otherwise, the kit includes everything I need! Love it!

  19. kemaline matty

    wax warmer came and wasn’t working. I was disappointed

  20. Genelia Lops

    Awesome product, simple to use, and gets the job done well!

  21. christine b martin

    I love how everything I needed was included and the price was great!

  22. Eli Asirifi

    No comments at this time. First tume trying it out so need to get a feel of it. Thank you

  23. Marlena Grasso

    Works well, happy with this product

  24. Sarah Lohse

    I haven’t used it yet, but plan to this weekend with a friend. If she likes ot, she is purchasing one also.

  25. Katie Pham

    From my short experience using this product, I feel comfortable enough to recommend it to my friends and family. The design is very sleek and the product serves its purpose.

  26. Anastasia Maharaj

    This product is amazing, I am happy I purchased it and will certainly recommend it!.

  27. Grisol Davila

    Bought the wax warmer kit and have loved it! Easy to use and it comes with everything you need to get started. I wasnt expecting so many things with the kit and it has it all! Will definitely buy again.

  28. Esmeralda Gallegos

    I really love the design! It caught my eye because it was very affordable and I liked that it was black! Also it came with a lot of other things like wax beans, sticks and even after lotion to apply when some waxing. That’s a deal

  29. Melissa Whitney

    I was very nervous and first but this product was super easy to use. Wax hardened quickly and was easy to spread.

  30. Ashley S Mick

    The machine itself, the before and after wax sprays and the application sticks are all great, 10 stars. But the wax….just doesn’t work for me. Even on the softest, longest hairs I tried to wax- wouldn’t all the hair off, even after several attempts. I’m hoping this free gift is a different kind of wax beads that will work better on my coarse hair.

  31. Gee Ann Miranda

    I wish I purchased this before!!

  32. Leonevi Baez

    I like that it is almost to nothing pain when I’m waxing. It is very easy to use

  33. Jackie Ortiz

    This wax kit worked very well. I like that it comes with the pre/post wax sprays and gloves.

  34. Sofia Hoz de Vila

    It may just be because I’m a beginner at waxing and do not know how to wax well, but I had to go over an area multiple times to fully remove all the hair. The wax pulled out some hairs but not al of the hairs in the area where the wax was applied. The wax was also hard to pull off in certain cases.

  35. Jamie Wagner

    Works great! Makes hair removal so much easier and once you get it down it can be quite painless. Overall really like it 🙂

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