Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks

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  • PROFESSIONAL DIY WAXING KIT—-Regalico offers everything you need to start your first at-home waxing journey, which includes Pre & After Wax Spray, 14oz wax beans, 30 wax sticks for different body area, 2 pair of gloves.
  • MONEY-SAVING—-No More Salon Visits! Embarrassing or feel costly of doing waxing each time from a salon? With this waxing kit, enable you to get the same result as a salon at the comfort of your home for a few months, which protects your privacy in front of a stranger.
  • ROSE WAX BEANS—-4 bags of hard wax beans (14oz) special designed for the fine hair, the wax firmly gripping each strand, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects.
  • NO IRRITATION—-With guaranteed wax beans and pre & after spray, this waxing kit minimizes discomfort and protect you away from subsequent irritation, just use confidently on your upper lip, chin and cheeks!
  • PRICE PROTECTION—-While Amazon does not advertise a price protection policy, Regalico has it on good authority that you can successfully request the price difference within 90 days of your purchase if the price is dropped. No worry about purchasing too early to miss the discount and deal, just buy in confidence.


Regalico Eyebrow Professional Waxing Kit


The Brow Shape

The Face Shape



How to use Regalico waxing kit

  • 1. Apply the pre-wax spray to soothe your skin.
  • 2. Clean with the wipes to remove the excess.
  • 3. Use an eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrow shape you want.


  • 4. Melt the wax beans and let it cool until the consistency of honey.
  • 5. Test the wax on your wrist before waxing to avoid burning yourself.
  • 6. Apply the wax in the same direction of eyebrow hair grows with eyebrow sticks


  • 7. Peel off the wax against the direction of the hair with lightning speed.
  • 8. Tweeze to remove the remaining little hair to make sure nice and clean
  • 9. Use the post wax spray to reduce the chance of inflammation



1116 reviews for Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks

  1. Tuchman Linda

    Worked well for me during Covid when I can’t get to a salon easily. Been wanting this option before COVID.

  2. Crystal Corina

    It has everything needed. Just wish the sprays were a little bigger.

  3. shariah smith

    I haven’t used it yet but it’s in good condition and seems reliable

  4. Moneike Rembert

    I think the product is really well and it does its job

  5. Princess Washington

    My niece had purchased this product and loved it! So I purchased it and now I love it!!

  6. Natalia Marusarz

    Does the job well and is easy to use.

  7. Janelle Baca

    I LOVE. THIS PRODUCT!! It has been easy to use. No problems so far. Best choice I made when it came to my wax purchase.

  8. Selena Chavez

    Great waxing kit for beginners!

  9. Kristina Tebay

    So easy to wax hurts way less than normal wax and is easy to use I love it

  10. Jared Mikal LaFrank

    Quick and easy to use. Wax works great

  11. Daniella Luna

    It’s very simple to use and it has everything you need for a great wax! Love how the wax is easy to remove as well

  12. Gabriela Velasquez

    It is easy to use and very good on sensitive skin

  13. Janeen Seng

    I love the design of the product. It’s pretty enough to have displayed on my bathroom counter even. I love the whole wax beads idea. I’ve only used the can of hard wax from Gigi so I’m hoping this is just as good if not better

  14. Ben Lane

    Outstanding product for the price

  15. Nezjuwa Robinson

    It’s an awesome product. I love everything about it. It treats my skin good.

  16. Maria Solis

    Amazing product! Works wonderful

  17. Christina Sauveur

    This product was packaged beautifully. I was a bit nervous with waxing by myself but had to give it a try since I’m a college student and wanted to save money. Everything went smoothly and the results were flawless! I really do applaud this brand.

  18. Tracy

    Easy to use process. I bought for personal use with the family. Leaves skin smooth and hair less

  19. Lexis Mendoza

    Love how fast it works. Easy set up

  20. Leah N Sanchez

    I love this product and cannot wait to try to wax my legs.

  21. Amanda Flores

    Awesome product comes with everything you need to wax at home! Highly recommend!!

  22. Sierra Hernandez

    Came with 2 pre-wax solutions, no after wax solution, and no gloves 🙁

  23. Michael Trevino

    Easy to use. For the price not bad at all. I was very hesitate but it turned out to be a good buy I’m glad

  24. Jasmine East

    Gets the job done and is easy to use!

  25. Katie A.

    I love the wax it works so well just as the wax warmer, it isn’t sticky or tacky which makes it that much better

  26. Emily Gregory

    I’ve used it once and it seems to work very well so far. So far I am happy with my purchase.

  27. Brenda Cardenas

    It heats up pretty fast. It’s a really nice color. You can use any wax beads in it. I got it while on sale. I would buy it again.

  28. Carissa Taveras

    Easy to use and comes with clear instructions

  29. Olivia Hall

    I love it! The only hassle I have had so far is the long, weird string that comes with the wax when you lift it out of the pot. Also, I think the eyebrow sticks should be thinner. Other than that, love it!

  30. Jeanette Chavez

    I Love this ! not messy and easy to use.
    No rashes after use either!

  31. Tracey Scott

    Haven’t used yet but I live the value of what you get along with the instruction booklet.

  32. Nyonnohwah M freeman

    Very smooth waxing, not harsh and works well.

  33. Marissa asprer

    It came with 2 pre wax sprays instead of a pre and a post wax. I need a post wax

  34. Gabriela Rosado

    So far so good. Got it because it was a great deal on amazon and my friend recommended it to me. She bought it a couple months ago too.

  35. Morgan Stewart

    I’m excited to try this product out!

  36. Alex Hennigan

    I absolutely love this waxing kit so much. It came with all the necessary supplies needed. I would definitely recommend this for anyone needing to wax. Thank you!!!!

  37. Christina T Jones

    Just like the salon. Very easy to use

  38. Lisal Ricks

    This is an Awesome kit it’s so easy to use. My whole family uses it .

  39. Bridget Nuxoll

    Works great for the price. Easy to apply and I love that it comes with pre and post treatment products.

  40. Jenesis Barajas

    this product was easy to use. My skin feels amazing after just one use. This is a great product.

  41. Hannah Price

    The product is so wonderful. I enjoy having it. It better than shaving.

  42. Robyn McDaniel

    So far so good! I really like it and it’s a nice smell!

  43. Amira LaCroix

    I love that is is really easy to use! Also included everything you will need as well! Very user friendly.

  44. Erin Shanley

    High quality and so easy to use!

  45. Tiffani hollis

    It came well packed and instructions look easy enough.

  46. Marta Lamboy

    I am a full Specialist and have not used yet because I had to get my lash room together but reading the reviews and especially from other specialists is what made me buy this product. They said it was amazing and loooooove it.

  47. Iliana Gonzalez

    Removes hair and it is painless!

  48. Crystal carvajal

    I haven’t tried the product but I was reading the reviews and it said it worked good

  49. Kayla J Williams

    The Regalico Beads are alot smoother and easier to use. Definitely a good competition against all other kits I have read about. Easy of use. I wish the sticks that come with the kit were a wider width. They are quite slim.

  50. Yun-Pu Yang

    I feel like your new formula of wax beans is way better than the old one. The old one couldn’t completely pill over my leg hair, but the new one works very well.

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