Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks


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  • PROFESSIONAL DIY WAXING KIT—-Regalico offers everything you need to start your first at-home waxing journey, which includes Pre & After Wax Spray, 14oz wax beans, 30 wax sticks for different body area, 2 pair of gloves.
  • MONEY-SAVING—-No More Salon Visits! Embarrassing or feel costly of doing waxing each time from a salon? With this waxing kit, enable you to get the same result as a salon at the comfort of your home for a few months, which protects your privacy in front of a stranger.
  • ROSE WAX BEANS—-4 bags of hard wax beans (14oz) special designed for the fine hair, the wax firmly gripping each strand, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects.
  • NO IRRITATION—-With guaranteed wax beans and pre & after spray, this waxing kit minimizes discomfort and protect you away from subsequent irritation, just use confidently on your upper lip, chin and cheeks!
  • PRICE PROTECTION—-While Amazon does not advertise a price protection policy, Regalico has it on good authority that you can successfully request the price difference within 90 days of your purchase if the price is dropped. No worry about purchasing too early to miss the discount and deal, just buy in confidence.


Regalico Eyebrow Professional Waxing Kit


The Brow Shape

The Face Shape



How to use Regalico waxing kit

  • 1. Apply the pre-wax spray to soothe your skin.
  • 2. Clean with the wipes to remove the excess.
  • 3. Use an eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrow shape you want.


  • 4. Melt the wax beans and let it cool until the consistency of honey.
  • 5. Test the wax on your wrist before waxing to avoid burning yourself.
  • 6. Apply the wax in the same direction of eyebrow hair grows with eyebrow sticks


  • 7. Peel off the wax against the direction of the hair with lightning speed.
  • 8. Tweeze to remove the remaining little hair to make sure nice and clean
  • 9. Use the post wax spray to reduce the chance of inflammation



369 reviews for Regalico DIY Waxing Kit, Pre & After Wax Spray, Wax Warmer with Wax Beans (4 bags), 30 Wax Sticks

  1. Crystal Johnston

    Very easy to use, great price and quality

  2. Rosie

    This product has worked perfectly for me so far and everything i imagined a waxing kit to be!

  3. Natalie Hollander

    I love the product! I can’t wait to use it long term and see my results.

  4. Nataraj Gopalan

    Good product with reasonable price

  5. Braden Williams

    Bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it

  6. Rachel

    Product works good heats up fast

  7. Latifa lati

    So excited to share my experience with my friends and family the price is so affordable and the reviews are positive

  8. Hirangi Vala

    It’s very convenient and easy to use.

  9. Anum Javid

    Not applicable…………………………………………………………………………….

  10. Deepika S

    Easy to use and safe and good results

  11. Joy Jones

    Packaged nicely and quick delivery. I thought that pre wax spray was included, but apparently inot.

  12. Jennifer Weber

    I found this in amazon for a great deal and the reviews were great on it so I thought I would give it a try.

  13. Alexandria Koreck

    I have yet to try the product as it has just arrived today, I will try it tonight but from the reviews it seems like a reliable, easy-to-use product.

  14. Carrie Kleeh

    Extremely simple to use, leaves my skin extremely smooth, and the wax beads smell wonderful.

  15. Garlenia Williams

    I think if amazing it works amazing and it get all
    Your hair it does not hurt I’m in love with this product

  16. Adriana Valarde

    Just received this product. Have not used it. Looks nice

  17. Ana

    It’s very convenient & affordable and small product that can take for travel

  18. Stephanie Rosas

    Good price. It gets the job done 👍🏽

  19. Teresa

    It’s nice and I’m still getting used to waxing myself.

  20. Eva Macedo

    Great Product. When I ordered the product it said it would arrive with in a week, and it arrived 3 days after ordering.

  21. Kydia Ruiz

    It seems to work well so far! The wax melts well. The machine works well.

  22. Charita Budram

    I am a beginner with waxing and I primarily bought it to try how Waxing works for me. I am extremely satisfied with the results and am looking forward to keep using the product!

  23. Venisse Varilla

    It does the job and worth the price.

  24. Ashley Hilby

    I just received this product in the mail today! It looks like a solid warmer that will last me a while!

  25. Yumeno

    It’s great it gets our all hairs

  26. Adderling tavarez

    La verdad compre a regalico pro su diseño me gusto bastante más por su color negro con rosa y su será rosa pero no pensé que me funcionaria tan bien quede encantada y mi esposo también le gusto como queda muchas gracias por un producto tan bueno

  27. Crispina Balbuena

    I just received it in the mail

  28. Diana E Pratt

    Great kit! Comes with many accessories and will last a very long time. I will use it on myself my sons eyebrows and also manscaping my husband.

  29. Elizabeth Roberts

    Haven’t tried yet but I don’t think I’ll be disappointed

  30. London Lee

    Well I haven’t used this yet but I loved the reviews!

  31. Angelica Figuereo

    I’ve been wanting to get a wax kit for a while now. I suffer from pcos and get some hair on the sid rod my face. A razor leaves bumps on my skin and hair removal creams give me reactions. I needed something gentle and effective. I am so thankful I found the right product! I loved my kit from the moment I got it! I will never use anything else.

  32. Amanda Collins

    Love it so far!! Smells great and gets the job done.

  33. Megan Cooper

    I haven’t tried just yet, but can’t wait to use it I have pcos so hopefully this will cut down on me having to shave everyday.

  34. Maria Ocampo

    I just got the product and used it and I love
    It. The only thing is that when I receive it it did not come with the eyebrow stick. Instead it was 2 packs of the small sticks.

  35. Lauren Lenington

    I’m extremely excited about this product given the waxing salon closures during covid!!

  36. Monse ramos

    I just got can’t wait to try it

  37. Cassie McDougal

    This will definitely save my salon visits!

  38. Timberly Hawkins

    I love this at home wax kit! It’s less painful then traditional waxing and it’s more affordable than going to the salon

  39. Esmeralda

    Great product, gloves I received were extremely dirty

  40. Peter Santa Cruz

    First time user and I can truly say that I found it easy to use and very self explanatory. Would definitely recommend.

  41. Tyrona Vason

    Great and very easy to use! good product.

  42. Teresa Garcia Cazares

    I liked how it came with exactly what I needed and did not have to purchase everything separately. Ordered it on a Monday and received it on a Tuesday. Product is amazing definitely recommend

  43. Hao Zhong

    Product works well BUT it stopped working after 3 months and only a few uses. I want to replacement olease

  44. Paisley Lyn

    absolutely love it! so much better than shaving, simple and easy to use.

  45. Brittany Thomas

    I haven’t used it yet but as far as the set up everything is going good so far .

  46. Delia Espinoza

    Easy to use, works wonders, inexpensive, easy set up easy clean up. Removes hair on first attempt

  47. Emma Ruiz

    I bought this because my friend really liked it and it is a great price.

  48. Jeremiah Harris-Benson

    I love this ❤️ , so convenient

  49. Adela Rodríguez

    It is perfect, beautiful design, light and compact, it works perfectly

  50. Kathryn E StGermain

    I have already waxed my eyebrows, chin, upper lip, & neck as well as my husband’s eyebrows! I am obsessed thank you for a kick-ass product!

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