Regalico Wax Warmer with 4 Bags Painless Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Kit

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  • No Pre-wax Spray Needed–Made with natural ingredients and rose oil, new generation wax formula provides gentle hair removal ability, intended to exfoliating stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz. These hard wax beans minimizes discomfort and protect you away from subsequent irritation, which saving your money from buying extra wax spray.
  • Waxing Kit Includes–Regalico wax warmer kit includes 4 bags of rose flavored hard wax beans (3.5 oz. each) , electric hard wax warmer 500ml (1 unit), large size wooden spatulas applicators (10pcs), small size eyebrow wax applicators (10pcs). Everything you need to get start with home waxing is here, suitable for both male and female.
  • Superior Wax Warmer–Regalico waxing kit is made of durable heat-resistant ABS material to prevent overheating. With a wide range of accurate temperatures (165℉–240℉), our digital wax warmer just need 10 minutes to melt the hard wax beans. The adjustable thermostat control knob makes it easier to control, can heat hard wax, canned wax, waxing beads, Brazilian wax and wax block.
  • Money Saving–Salon waxing costs a fortune, one brazilian wax alone costs upwards of $30. However, this waxing kit offers a salon quality equipment at a fraction of the expense. Just need 10 mins, you will get the same effect as salon waxing. Provided 4 bags of premium wax beans enable you to use for full body for few months. No More Salon Visits!
  • 90-Day Price Protection–While Amazon does not advertise a price protection policy, Regalico has it on good authority that you can successfully request the price difference within 90 days of your purchase if the price is dropped. No worry about purchasing too early to miss the discount and deal, just buy in confidence!





Hey gorgeous! Whether you’re getting ready for your first bikini or Brazilian wax, or are looking for tips and tricks to make your next bikini wax as luxurious of an experience as possible, Regalico waxing kit got you covered!

waxing kit for women hard wax kit face wax kit



Getting your bikini area waxed at home can truly be a “treat yourself” moment. Most ladies find themselves more pleased with the results of waxing than other temporary hair removal options like shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams. Our top four benefits include:


Not only does waxing remove hair, it’s a physical exfoliation that removes lifeless surface skin cells, which means you’re receiving hair removal and skincare all in one.


Since your hair is being removed by the root, it will take much longer to grow back than with shaving.


When your hair does grow back after waxing, it will grow back weaker, making it finer, softer and sparser. Win-win!


Many people find hair removal methods like epilation and hair removal creams irritating to the skin. However, waxing rarely causes this problem if it’s done properly.

brazilian bikini wax

1. What is a Bikini Line Wax?

A bikini wax is the removal of hair along the bikini line. A bikini wax ensures that when you’re in your bikini bottom, you do not have to worry about any hair outside of the lines of your bikini. This typical bikini wax is simple, relatively, fast.

2. What is a French Bikini Wax?

French bikini takes all or most of the hair in the front (leaving a small strip) and the hair in the middle, but leaves the hair in the back.

3. What is Hollywood Bikini Wax?

The entire bikini area is waxed. All hair removed including top,sides,underneath and buttock line.

4. What is a Bikini Brazilian?

Bikini Brazilian goes from the front, all the way to the back with an added butt strip. This is perfect for leaving a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front.

eyebrow waxing kit hard wax beans face wax brazilian bikini wax

2891 reviews for Regalico Wax Warmer with 4 Bags Painless Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Kit

  1. JoAnn Drummond

    Great product, less money to be spent at the salon.

  2. Kanto Vigo

    I like “PRC”. Cool to see that instead of made in China.

  3. Cambrey Batson

    When I purchased this product I didn’t know anything about it. This was such a great find! The product is excellent. Love it

  4. Miyako Hatcher

    It was a great wax for the face, and easy to use without the mess.

  5. Keiley Theodore

    Good product. Just wish it came with more beads!

  6. Anahi Lozano

    I like how great this waxing warmer kit is. It has everything one needs to wax the body. This kit is really useful and I would recommend to anyone that is starting to wax.

  7. Krista Fisch

    I like it so far but am still figuring it out

  8. Teresa J Panter

    I am hoping that I can get it right next time. Have never done my own waxing before so took off some extra. So far so good though

  9. Angelina Chamblee

    Great hair removal, sometimes it is hard to remove the wax though. Compared to other hair removal methods and wax it’s definitely worth the buy!

  10. Christina Balducci

    Great product. Highly recommend!

  11. Vanessa Bouck

    Great product is shipped out very quick I love the assembly it’s really easy to put together

  12. Starr Washington

    I actually really like it, it hurts like hell though. It smells a bit like plastic so I kinda wish the formula was better. Other than that the product is really good

  13. Kaylin

    A great and easy product to use, happy with my purchase.

  14. Yahaira Lomeli

    Evettexo put me on this product

  15. Gitzel Flores

    My sister actually purchased this because of me! 😉

  16. Daniela

    I like this waxing kit. I am new to self waxing but this kit is pretty simple to use. Each time I get better and better at waxing.

  17. Alison Esquivel

    I haven’t tried it yet but excited to

  18. Adele Suesue

    I like how it has everything you need for it. The pre-spray and the after spray to use before you wax and after you wax. I love how its easy to use and easy directions.

  19. Jemi O. Serrano

    It’s my first time and first time waxing my self in many many years.

  20. Sakina Shayer

    1. Easy to wax
    2. Removes very thin hair
    3. Nice kit
    4. Less painful and skin irritation

  21. Addy Parker

    I enjoyed how there was a step by step explanation for the waxing process.

  22. Champayne Diaz

    Excellent results every time I use it

  23. Camille Lecourtois

    Haven’t used it yet but I’m excited

  24. Desiree Duarte

    This product is very easy to use and very affordable.

  25. Carolina Guzman

    Super easy to use, wanted to try waxing for so long but was scared of the pain. I’m glad I went with this waxer because there was little to no pain at all!

  26. Abaigeal Aoife Johnson

    The product is excellent, I was able to wax big areas like the arm, legs, back, etc. I even made some business with the product. I was able to travel with it and it won’t take to much space.

  27. Leticia Quintana

    It works amazing love it! for the price

  28. Ekaterina

    Love that it’s not messy way to make my legs to be perfect for at least 30 days

  29. Maggie Roberts

    It works great. And easy to use

  30. Melissa Valencia

    Melts quickly and hardens quickly too, very easy to pull off skin and grabs most of the hair.

  31. Maria Keeney

    Easy To use! Rook all my hair off. Easy to manage temperatures as well!

  32. Brianna Hurlbut

    This wax was super effective and easy to use,

  33. Heather Mahony

    So much cuter than all the others!

  34. Shelly Dominguez

    This is an amazing wax kit !! I am so happy I made this choice to give it a try. It grabs all the hair and it is very easy to use.

  35. Niharika Bharatha

    It’s great product, I like it very much, price worthy

  36. Abigail Henry

    Awesome and super beginner friendly

  37. Kathleen Saucedo

    The only thing I have to critique is how long it takes for the beads to melt. I have had no other issues with this product.

  38. Kee-Kee Lewis

    I have everything I need to start! Love the kit!

  39. Lexi Martinez

    I liked how fast it warmed up and how easy it was to use!

  40. Elda ortiz

    Everything is very good I would highly recommend this product

  41. Gabby Feliciano

    It arrived quick and simple. It has everything you’d possibly need. Wish it would come with more sticks!!!

  42. Courtny Sears

    I really enjoy using my wax warmer. I feel it needs to be set higher than recommended to melt the wax to the right temperature. The wax performs GREAT! I’ve only ever tried soft wax with strips and it was terrible. I have super sensitive skin and always get itchy after I shave. With this I have no itch!

  43. Edden Burshtein

    The product was packaged very well and includes all the items I need to do waxing!

  44. March Schmidt

    Best waxing kit on Amazon ever!! I couldn’t ask for more! I love it!

  45. Deborah Woodruff

    Uvpufotxitxitx oh it’s oyxitc ouch itxitx Lucius

  46. Denisse Homs

    Easy to use product and does the job with less pain

  47. Marissa Cooper

    I like the warmer. The wax is just okay.

  48. Soumen Nandi

    Nice product. Started using it and it works.

  49. Monica Garcia

    I used to get waxed at a salon and I can tell you this is better than that:
    1. It is way less painful than ordinary waxing (soft wax and fabric cloth).
    2. Also, is less probably you get your skin burned using this kind of waxing.
    3. And it’s cheaper than getting waxed at a salon.
    It’s a win-win situation for me. Go ahead and take the chance, you won’t regret it.

  50. Alivia Peggs

    It was pretty easy to use and figure out already recommended to one friend

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